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Hey, friends, it was my initial intention to subtitle this website: "From the Christian, Theological Writings of Ted Roberts," but I decided to expand the contents herein, and subsequently re-subtitled it: "Featuring the Bible Teachings of Ted Roberts." The reason for this is simply because not everything on this website is written by me - that section is reserved exclusively in "Bible Subjects." The other main sections (namely "History," and "Creation Science") are articles mostly written by others (and also contain excerpts from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia - which gives a good round-about idea of easily understood subjects), and a few smaller articles by myself. Expanding, and richly adding to the subjects like this, it does not decrease the fact that these are things that I teach also. It would seem that the Lord has mostly dealt with me on the "deeper" parts of scriptural analysis, but He has also shown me the beauty of other ministers' teachings, and their specialties, which I share wholeheartedly; considering that these subjects have added tremendously to my own repertoire of understanding, and have also added depth and structure to my own writings, which I feel have come both directly and in-directly from the Lord ....

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If you haven't noticed already, on the right-hand side of this webpage, there is a chance to become a Member of this site. What this entails is an opportunity to receive news of added articles, or of upcoming events, via your email. But not only so, but this will give you an opportunity to make friends, and to add wonderful Biblical subjects or questions to the Forums! Don't forget, too, that there is a section (both on the main menu, and in the Forums), where you can ask me a Biblical question! I will do my best to answer questions that are asked in a kind, civil manner.

The Structure of Ted's Biblical Writings

As for my writings themselves [found in "Bible Subjects"], I feel that I have somewhat to offer to the interested Christian reading public; which I am overjoyed to share with! Some of my titles may sound a bit strange at times, but I try to go over each subject with as much information, and Biblical reference, as possible. Most, if not all, of my subjects may eventually appear in book published form. I will give notice to interested parties (via email blasts to the Members of this website, and via my FACEBOOK PAGE; and SEEKING THE GOSPEL FACEBOOK PAGE) when they become available ....

Please be understanding about any noticeable mistakes (either grammatical or in spelling) within my writings; seeing that these are drafts, and not polished pieces for publication. That, however, will change in time.... Email any suggestions, if you feel the need, to: .

Inside quoted scriptures, and being in [brackets], I am inserting my own explanations of what I believe that the text of the "Bible" is suggesting. Being within these [brackets], it therefore separates sayings of mine from the sayings of the Bible. I then suggest that before you read the passage in your own Bible, that you should read the quotes in here first, to see how I am interpreting the Bible's text.

The Scriptures that I will be quoting will mostly be from the “1611 A.D. King James Version,” which, actually, was updated in the 1700's. At times I also use the “William Tyndale New and Old Testaments of the early 1500's.” Also I sometimes use, and highly recommend, the “Literal Translation of the Holy Bible by Jay P. Green Sr,” which has appeared in the marginal of the “Interlinear Bible of Hebrew, Greek, and English.” However, as any good Bible student should, the Greek and Hebrew texts SHOULD be consulted for better reference ~ with the help of J.P. Green, and Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries.

In <these type of bar quotes>, located beneath quoted scriptures, and sometimes being in italics (and at times located in my END NOTE sections), you will find the official Strong's Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek & English Dictionary definitions of the relevant scriptural text, along with Strong's famous numbering system. Also appearing <in these bars>, will be quotes from other Dictionaries & Commentaries as well. Of all these type of quotes, I will sometimes BOLD text to emphasize explanations that are very relevant to this study. I do not always agree with Dictionary Meanings or Commentary quotations that I have added, but I am adding meanings and comments that I both agree and disagree with to express other views for comparison's sake. My own teachings will be explained OUTSIDE of these type of quotes.>


So, remember, within quoted scriptures:

Italicised text = words that were not originally in our Bibles, added by translators for sentence flow.

Bolded text = Original text within scripture that I myself bold for emphasis.

ENLARGED text = Original text within scripture that I myself ENLARGE for emphasis.

[In Brackets] = My own interpretation within quoted scripture.


<In these bars> = Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Meanings, along with Dictionary and Commentary quotes.

About Ted Roberts


Ted Roberts, with wife Kimmy Roberts, in 2016 


I've decided to go ahead and write a short biography about myself (which is very brief), so that people will see exactly who I am, and where I come from .... Of course, to do this, I must begin with telling about my dad, Joe Ted Roberts, who was God's minister until he passed on to be with Him. As I have picked up the legacy of dad's ministry, I will shortly tell his story before I begin mine.


Joe was raised in the country, out in East Texas, very wildly (a non-Christian family), but was visited by God just after he got out of the navy, just after 1955. He came home dead drunk late one evening; nobody was up; it was pretty dark; then suddenly, there came a wind through the living room where he was standing. Of course the windows were open, but there hadn't been a breeze all evening. But, when it blew strongly through the living room windows, dad sobered up immediately; and the first thought that went through his head afterwards was that he needed to go to church just as soon as he could. So, the first church that he attended was a small Baptist church, there in East Texas. He went up to be baptized in water that night after an alter call was made.


Not too long after that, late in the 1950's, he decided to go to a small Pentecostal Assembly of God church in north Houston, Texas, off of Little York Road. There, he met my mother (Doris), and found his church home for the next nine years. After they got married in 1961, dad began to study Biblical Prophesy, and was about ready to get his preacher's license from that denomination, when his good friend, Melvin Mullens, just got back from the headquarters (where he went to get his license), and warned my dad not to get ordained by that ministry .... I'm sorry, but I cannot remember his reasons .... Concerned, my dad approached the church elders, and expressed those concerns. He then said that he had three questions for them, and if they could answer them, he would stay in that church and denomination; but, if they couldn't answer, he would go elsewhere .... I'm sorry, but I can't remember the questions .... However, their response was "We will know by and by." In other words, they didn't know!


Sometime before this incident, while my dad was working out at the Houston ship channel (the docks), unloading ships, he had met with a rather strange Christian, who had a rather strange Biblical doctrine. They would, during the course of the day, discuss some scriptures. Whatever my dad's three questions were, this strange Christian man had a very satisfactory answer for each one. So, my dad thought, "If he got those right, then I wonder what else he might get right!" This other man was George Catchings, a minister out at (what I call) the 'Big Church.' This 'Big Church' was really the Houston area Gospel Assembly, which was under the leadership of Clyde Patton: who himself had been raised under the ministry of William Sowders .... William Sowders (and I am not making this up) was a very special called man of God. When one gets to understand who he was, and the teachings that he taught, then one would see that he compared to some of the greatest men of God in the history of mankind! Not only he, but Clyde Patton was a great man of God as well; and so was George Catchings .... I would say (and this is not biased - as even the people who don't even like George Catchings would still say) that George was perhaps one of the greatest preachers in the 20th century! .... Yes, folks, I really do believe that. The man was a dynamic preacher! Even though he has done some controversial things, there was no denying his anointing. In fact, he told me that one time when he was preaching, the Spirit had come in so strong that the two rows of people in the benches he was facing got slain in the Spirit (one row at a time) when he simply waved his hand toward them!


So, when my dad could not get his three answers from the Assembly of God elders, he began going to Gospel Assembly in Houston, back in about 1968 or 1969.


I myself was born in February of 1971, and spent the first year of my life in Gospel Assembly, when suddenly George was called by God to start his own church in Porter, Texas. At first Clyde Patton (the pastor of Gospel Assembly) was against this; and especially toward my mom and dad going there, telling them that it would be best not to follow George and his wife Billie over to Porter. However, George was the whole reason dad went over to Gospel Assembly in the first place, and so he went ahead and followed his good friend on over - You might even say that they were best friends by this time. He and mom even got a home in Porter as well .... So, in the second year of my life, we began attending the Porter church under the leadership of George Catchings.


Some of the Ministers of Porter Church, mid-1970's.

In the middle, with the striped tie, is George Catchings.

My dad (Joe Roberts) is to his left, in front, with the beige jacket on. 


I must say, that my dad's own skills of preaching were also developing rather quickly. God was opening his eyes to the scriptures in a powerful way .... Again, I'm not being biased to say that under George, my dad was the best preacher I had ever heard! At the time of Porter in the early 1970's my dad was best know as an Evangelistic preacher. They even called him 'water boy,' because everytime he got up and preached, he'd bring the house down as his preaching would bring the Spirit in heavily.


My family, early 1970's

Left to Right: my sister Dorlana; my Mom Doris; My sister Johanna; my dad; and me 


By the mid 1970's, George offered my dad the position of Assistant Pastor. Of course, he accepted, and remained in that position until the church folded under in about 1978. After this, my dad was asked to come to the state of Indiana, where his preaching would benefit a church up there. We stayed two years, but after the pastor became jealous of my dad's success in preaching, there began to be problems for our family! Not only so, but that church didn't believe in speaking in tongues, as the Spirit would give a person utterance. And the pastor wanted to stop my dad from preaching about it .... Of course, my dad refused to listen, and bad words began to be said about him .... However, a lot of the people in the church understood why he was being looked down on, and there were even several people who actually snuck into our house to receive that experience for themselves. Incredibly, God honored my dad's prayers, and a good handful of people were able to speak in other tongues. I myself was included in the number of them, as I did so myself when I was eight years old. I couldn't have faked it, because Spanish was coming out of my mouth. To this day, I don't know any Spanish!


Those were mighty times, but they were also harsh and depressing times. Since the closing of the Porter church, and since he was basically kicked out of the Indiana church, mom and dad decided to come on back home to Houston, but with nowhere to go for church.


Billy Duke, with his first wife Margie 


At about this time, we began to hear about some home meetings that were being held in Billy Duke's home. And there were a large number of people from the Porter church attending. Naturally, we began attending as well .... The home meetings, for the most part, would remain a large part of all of our lives for many years to come. In fact, even after Billy Duke passed on, the home meetings continued .... I myself stopped going to them only about 6 to 8 years ago!



Early house meeting, from 1981

In the middle front, with the Bible, is David Smith

Billy Duke is to the far left of the picture 


These home meetings were a great inspiration for me. In fact, they would have been a great help to any student of the Bible! As time went on, it seemed that it housed some terrific minds in Biblical thought. There was no Biblical subject that was forbidden to be discussed, and I got to hear just about anything there that one could imagine. Not only was I being taught at home by my dad, but also there were a small handful of gifted Bible teachers in the home meetings, whom I would consider my elders .... There was Billy Duke; there was Robert Milsaps; and there was David Smith. This was the ministry that I sat under after George Catchings .... And all would be considered elders in the understanding of the Bible. 



My Family, Early 1980's 


I began to study my Bible seriously when I turned 15 years old, back in 1986, because I couldn't stand not being able to keep up with these men as they haggled scriptures back and forth. I wanted so desperately to be a part of their conversations after the initial service ended, and while we ate dinner.


Right in the middle of all this, in about 1991, when I was 20 years old, George Catchings came back into the picture. He said that he got himself another church in the Lufkin, Texas area, and that he would like for us to come there for services. This round trip was several hundred miles! But, we wanted to see if we could re-capture the fun days of Porter. My dad, however, wasn't real enthusiastic, considering the trouble he had those years ago. But, we went to the services a few times, then I had a dream ....


In my dream, I saw a grave stone. Upon it, read: "I still love thee." After waking up, I immediately shared this dream with my parents. I said that we should move to Lufkin, and work with George! They, too, were enthusiastic about the dream, and that's exactly what we did - went to Lufkin to work in the church .... This lasted only about 2 years, though, when dad and George had another falling out! So, we moved back to Houston, extremely depressed - not knowing where to go .... Our friend Billy Duke called us, and asked us to come back to the home meetings. He also, while I and dad were both on the phone with him (dad in his room, I in my room), and Billy gave us words of gold - a message that helped change my life! It was some doctrinal issues that God would expand upon during my own ministry .... We began attending the house meetings once again.



Dad learned to be a Barber in Indiana

Here he is hard at work in the late 1990's 


As time went on, my dad's gift in the ministry changed from Evangelist to being a Bible Teacher. He was very well studied. But the years began to get to him. Sadly, my dad passed on to the Lord in 2002, just a year before his old friend George Catchings. Things weren't the same after that .... In fact, not too long afterwards, or around the same time, Billy Duke, Robert Milsaps, and David Smith also went to the Lord, and I was left alone! All my mentors passed on within a 2 year period....


Backing this all up a few years, let's go back to the year 1996, when I was 25 years old. This was the year that I actually got my calling from God into the ministry .... I will not relate the details of this calling because I don't want to appear arrogant to my readers, but the calling was extremely obvious .... Immediately afterwards, the scriptures began to open to me as they never had before. I cannot describe exactly how, but it was as if a mist was lifted off the pages, and the Bible began to speak to me as never before!


Several years ago, God called me to co-pastor a small church, north of Houston, for about two years .... However, God began pulling me into other directions .... This is where the idea of this website came to be....


My family these days ... Left to Right: My wife Kimmy; my daughter Victoria; myself; my son Eric 


At the present, I am still writing; and every other Monday, I am teaching at a nursing home here north of Houston....


I never received a preacher's license, like my dad before me, - but my education was extremely rich - I wouldn't trade it for the world! And the result of my learnings are found within the pages of this website....


me and Kimmy, in 2015 


Please contact me with any questions:


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